Donors to the Foundation Zarjanka

Zarjanka The Foundation aims to raise awareness of the traditional folk songs and dances, religious songs and rituals of different peoples throughout Russia and Ukraine.The songs are completely authentic, not arranged, polyphonic and often centuries old.They are largely self by Irina Raspópova collected by field.

This is achieved by for performances by the ensembles Zarjanka, Wjetsherinki andZarnitsa, and the organization of courses, Russia Travel and festivals.

We invite you to join the “Supporters of the foundation Zarjanka”. These friends make itthrough your financial contribution made ​​possible our objectives into reality. Donorssupport us by an annual amount to donate. As thanks, we invite you in the confirmationletter to a free concert Zarjanka to attend.

If you want to donate, make € 15 per year or more on:

account number 150853394 (Rabobank and the Rhine Valley, Ede)
t.n.v. Foundation Zarjanka
Richtersweg 328
6865 GS Doorwerth
stating “Donation”.

From abroad there mention:
IBAN: NL32RABO0150853394 / BIC (SWIFT): RABONL32U.

In advance thank you!

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